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SKP specializes in sculpture design and moulding production. These are key characteristics of integrated manual art.

The products that have been designed and manufactured by us are many. They include fountains, stone carvings, sculptures, decorative columns, rockery, carvings in various East-West designs, construction building materials and more. Our products or samples can be made-to-order, according to customer's request and specfications.

Our company uses highly specialized modern technology to produce a diversity of products. In addition to providing design services and manufacture of all types of sculptures and moulding works, we also repair and restore existing structures to their original state. We are also able to treat and preserve sculpture and ornamental works in the finest quality possible.

Our specialization covers product design, manufacturing, and installation services for:

  • All Kinds of Sculpture & Moulding works:
    • fountains, rockery, decorative columns for shopping centres, hotels, private residences & Clubhouses
    • products Design
    • 2D & 3D Polyform Carving
    • embossed logo on sculptures, column carvings and ornamental building structures
    • various souvenirs, prize trophies, etc
    • for all types of artificial marble and timber works
  • Quality Repair, Restoration & Preservation works
    • for all types of sculptures, statues, decorative columns, rockery, stone & wood carving, etc.
  • Construction Products
    • fibreglass, GRC, GRG, GFRC, polymarble, plaster of paris, silicon products.
    • ornamental building feature
    • all other building materials for repair and rebuilding works, maintenance and other construction projects.

We warmly welcome all enquiries and assure you of our best service at all times.