Our Services

Specialises in Product Customisation Services

We provide a one-stop sculpturing service at your convenience. Our immaculate pieces tuned to perfection are the results of our technical expertise honed by years of experience in the industry.

We produce integrated manual art pieces manufactured through the meticulous process of customising design and producing the specified mould. Having manufactured many intricate pieces for multiple organisations and various individuals, we have been a great asset to our clients by working closely with them to achieve the desired results. We are very well-positioned to provide useful advice to our clients on their needs.

Our wide array of services range from customised manufacturing of carvings and fountains to souvenir gifts and prize trophies. Some of our product offerings include rockery, stone pillars, East-West fusion design carvings and building decoration materials.

Fabricates A Complete Range of Sculpture Materials

We have the expertise to fabricate all types of building materials for sculpture and moulding works to meet our clients’ individual needs, therein lies our value-add to our clients – our ability to provide comprehensive end-to-end services.

By integrating cutting-edge technological equipment with the latest industrial techniques, our team of professional craftsmen are able to produce premium building materials, such as GRC, GRG, polymarble, plaster of paris and silicon, that adds a natural touch to your work of art with refine finishing. Additionally, we also provide patination services to help you enhance the value of your art piece.

Delivers High Quality Repair and Restoration Services

Apart from producing works of art, we also help you repair and restore your beloved valuables. Our superior quality restoration and repair services can revive your art piece’s erstwhile glamour. Using only the finest colouring products and materials, which include metal, copper, cement, man-made marble and all kinds of plastic materials, we touch up your piece so well that you won’t believe it’s yours!

Provides Refine Treating and Preservation Services

We understand the need and desire to preserve certain valuable pieces, therefore we have the required expertise to do this just for you. Using tried and tested methods, we treat and preserve specific items for our clients, so that they get to prolong their cherished enjoyment for many more years to come.

Organises Design Workshops

Our services also extend beyond just producing the product for our clients. Upon clients’ special requests, we can also organise design workshops to educate clients on how they can best convey their ideas, so as to achieve the best results when we help them crystallize their concept. In other words, we engage clients in every stage of the process to ensure their ideas are accurately shaped.

We specialise in...

Design• Manufacture • Installation • Other Services

All kinds of Sculpture & Moulding Projects:
  • Fountain Design, Service & Maintenance Works
  • 2D & 3D Polyform Carving Works
  • Sculpture Logo Embossment
  • Products Design
  • Various ornamental pieces
  • All Kinds of Artificial Marble and Timber Works
Repair, Restoration and Preservation Works:
  • Antique & Statue Repairing
  • All Religious Products
Construction Products:
  • Sculpturing Materials: Fibreglass. GRC. GRG. FRP. GFRC. PolyMarble Products etc.
  • Ornamental Building Features
  • Renovation Works